Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Tribute to My Dad

     This past Monday would have been my dad's 96th birthday. He moved onto his next life experience in 2000. It was a blessing at the time, as he had dementia such that he did not know his children or grand-children.
     I still adore my dad. He was an infinite source of practical knowledge. I learned my financial and business sense from him, and like him, I quit a job to become self-employed, quite a leap of faith, but in both cases, maximum reward on the happiness scale. And, I'd add, in his case a very profitable move. In my case, that's still developing!
    My dad always talked of how the Miller family has always been supremely blessed. Amen to that! I loved his attitude relative to seeing the good in people, most of the time. He was a very generous man.
    As a child, when I was not in school, I was in the lumber truck with my dad delivering lumber. I don't recall ever getting bored with being with him driving hundreds of miles around central Pennsylvania delivering pallet or cabinet lumber. Maybe it was the promise of an ice cream cone after delivery?!?!?!
    I miss him. I so wish he could see my sons, who have grown into awesome young men. I wish I could hear his voice and see his smile.
    Geez. He's been gone a long time. Where did all this come from? Reminiscing with my brother today about how great Dad was.
    Is your dad still on the planet? Appreciate him! Let him know you love him.
Tears of love and joy are flowing,

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