Friday, September 27, 2013

Ending, Beginning

I LOVE baseball.
Actually, I usually refer to myself as "wacko nuts about baseball."
I have had a terrific summer watching the KC Royals, and a "wait till next year" summer watching the Cubs (a phenomenon with which I am very familiar, sad to say).
Major League Baseball's regular season ends this weekend. I'm shocked and a bit sad. It seems that Opening Day was just yesterday. Another ending in life...
And another beginning...October means the playoffs start and lead to the World Series. Though none of my favorite teams is in the playoffs, I'll be glued to the TV to absorb as much of this favorite sport as I can before winter comes.
For each ending, there is a beginning. For each clearing out, space is created for something new to take its place. Let's let the endings pass freely, and enjoy the exciting anticipation of the beginnings to come.
Open to enjoy,

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