Friday, August 3, 2012

The Universe is "Multiple Choice"

A quote from Mike Dooley: Options multiply when insistence lessens. 
     When my sons were young, I told them they ALWAYS have a choice. Even if they had to do something they didn't want to do, I reminded them that they could do it with a good attitude or a bad attitude--up to them. 
     So many times we think that there is only one solution, and we get so focused on that, we miss other options. This happened to me recently with our Chicago trip arrangements. I was totally focused on getting good airfares.  When I expanded my vision to look at flight & hotel packages, I found a deal that was truly exceptional and perfect in every way. The Universe had to practically 2x4 me to get me to expand my vision!
     Another time to note when we are missing options: if something is difficult, it's because we are missing an easier way.  We are not meant to struggle--that happens when we limit our options with insistence (see quote above).
     Brainstorm!  It's an awesome practice. Come up with ideas and let the Universe figure out the "how."
Lovin' life,

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