Thursday, August 23, 2012

Choose Happiness

The following is the Daily Guide (a daily meditation) from the Science of Mind magazine for Monday, August 6, written by Rev. Bob Luckin:
The time a friend interrupted my depression to tell me that I could choose to be happy was the time I became angry and walked away from the friendship. Eventually, I discovered that choosing to be happy meant that, if I was willing, I could take off the blinders I had been wearing. I learned to make room for more light. I found my depression was a kind of filter that distorted things. I had been seeing eyes as a source of tears instead of windows to the soul.
As I allowed myself to see more life, I found that there was much more to see than I had imagined. I had a profound awakening. I saw that both depression and happiness are decisions we make that create the conditions in which we live. I also discovered that many of the decisions were small ones and hardly noticeable. It wasn't until I added up all my little decisions about life that I discovered I had built a wall separating me from much of it. I suspect that, at the time, living behind a wall had some value. I just didn't realize I was doing so.
Your thoughts are things that create the conditions of your life. Choose your thoughts wisely, for you are the architect of your happiness. You are always building walls or gardens, opening or closing off to life.
Affirmation: Happiness is not something accidental that happens to me. Happiness is the result of my thinking. 

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