Sunday, February 5, 2012

Let It Be Amazing!

Sometimes in my affirmative prayers, I get a bit too into the details of how I want something to show up.  This is part of my control-freak nature, but I must say, this desire to control IS lessening over time!
We are created of the same Source that hangs the stars, spins the galaxies, and makes each single cell in our bodies do its amazing work without our conscious control.  Let's give It credit for knowing what It is doing!
Here's a quote from Rev. Cynthia James: "Invite Spirit to expand you and give you the highest and best for your life." I'll grant you, that does take considerable trust, but I certainly know that Spirit's "highest and best" is WAY more amazing than anything I could outline for it!
I've used the phrase "trust the flow" for many years, and life has become better and better as I let Spirit guide me.  Recently I've changed it to "trust the overflow" because, as I've become more trusting and allowing, Spirit has been more and more amazing through me.
So let's invite Spirit to be amazing and pour on the good, and we get to celebrate and circulate it!

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