Monday, February 7, 2011

A former drama queen

At least I am striving to be a FORMER drama queen.  Drama is a sign that I'm not trusting that the Universe is a friendly place, and also that I think Spirit can't handle the situation without my meddling.  Drama is also a sign of me taking things personally, never a productive or satisfying situation. 
There's a momentary or short-term drama, minor irritations that we let go.  Then there are the long-term dramas, incidents or situations that can mire us weeks, months or years of resentment.  Those long-term dramas take a lot of energy to sustain, energy that could be used way more productively elsewhere.
Our first defense against drama is awareness.  Let's pay attention and note when we feel drama energy building (and we CAN all feel it--it does not feel natural or pleasant), and choose a path other than fueling the drama. 
Have a great day!
Joy to you!

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