Sunday, December 16, 2018

Little Things That Make Me Smile

     This fine work of snowman art was painted by yours truly, and now hangs by our fireplace. It's not destined for an art museum, but I like it. I put it as the background photo on my Chromebook, and each time I open the laptop, the snowman makes me smile. 

     This led me to thinking about other little things that make me smile. Here's a partial list:

  • 75-pound Dusty dog lying asleep in my lap 
  • Lilies
  • Snow on evergreens
  • Just the thought of Opening Day of baseball season
  • A completed sewing or crocheting project
  • The "me-ness" of my woman cave
  • Catching a palindrome of numbers on my car's odometer
  • Christmas lights
  • The morning cup of coffee
  • Folded and put-away laundry
  • Hand-written, snail-mailed cards and letters

     That's good for starters. What items are on your list? Let's spread our smiles around!

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