Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Baseball Tour Day 5--Mostly Dry

Wednesday, July 25.  We left our Philadelphia hotel around 8:45, and had a dry drive to NYC. Just as we were nearing Citi Field, the Mets stadium, a downpour started. Geez! It all worked out well that there was a slight delay to the start of the game, because our bus driver had to make a huge, slow circle around the stadium to get to the bus parking lot. This was the first time we had covered seats, so of course, there was no rain during the game. We even saw some sunshine! My somewhat unusual ballpark food was a soft pretzel, not in the usual pretzel shape, but rather a long braided shape. I love dough, so it was a good choice. We watched a very speedy game which the Mets won (over the Padres) 6-4. 
Then our bus took us to our two-night hotel, the Grand Hyatt NYC. My room on the 24th floor is quite nice. I've only been in NYC for a few hours, and I am already reminded of what a hassle everything is here. Too many (annoyed) people, too much traffic, a hassle to get around, everything ridiculously expensive. I'm staying in tonight to rest up from our very late night last night. Oh yes, and to do laundry. I was told by our tour host that there were do-it-yourself laundry facilities here, but alas, no, only the kind you hand-wash in your own room. 
By the way, for those of you who know about Melt, I have been doing both hand and foot treatments at least twice a day. They are saving me from a lot of achiness. 
Also, Citi Field brings my stadium bucket list up to 15, halfway to completion. 

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