Sunday, October 29, 2017

No Risk Involved

     The CityArts painting class I recently completed has been quite a learning experience. Certainly I learned a lot about the technicalities of paints and painting, but it has made me explore my spirit and psyche in ways I did not expect.
     On the night of that last class, we did a collage. I loved it. What I proceeded to create turned out to be "me" without me even consciously trying. At one point, I asked the instructor for help in one area of my creation, saying "This part needs something." He looked at me, grinned, and said, "Go for it, there's no risk involved." Well, duh. So I did "go for it," had fun, and created something I'm happy with.

     We (that includes me!) get so caught up in our heads, our stuff, our what-ifs, our worries, etc., and lose sight of the fact that most of the time, there really is no risk involved. Possible risks tend to turn into big hairy monsters that are only in our heads. There are so few really life-or-death situations that we are ever involved in. Sure, we might get embarrassed or criticized or lose some money or feel exceedingly uncomfortable, but we'll pull through. Ponder this... those "big hairy monsters" could be keeping you from a lot of fun and adventure.
     Heading to my painting table...

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