Sunday, August 21, 2016


     ADIP = Another Day in Paradise. Many folks use this phrase in a sarcastic sense, but I don't. I use it via initials every day in my journaling. This is paradise, should we choose to see it that way. It's merely a choice. The beloved spiritual teacher, Edwene Gaines, says, "Earth is the party planet, didn't you know?" I personally love to subscribe to and live that sentiment.
     Yesterday morning I went to a coffee shop in Fort Collins for a morning brew and to sit quietly and read. As I settled my stuff at the counter by the front window, I noticed slips of paper under the plexiglass countertop with sayings written on them. My eyes landed first on this: We see what we create. Amen and amen! I believe my life keeps getting better and better... ADIP (what I create) and that's what I continue to see... a life that keeps getting better. Another way I often state this is "I lead a charmed life."
     Does all this mean my life is perfect, I never get upset, that no one ever crosses me? Hell, no! Those bumps in the road are my opportunities to practice my creating abilities. Am I creating more suffering for myself in unpleasant situations, or am I choosing to bring myself back to paradise? Response times vary, trust me, but I'm learning.
     "Icing of the cake" of my coffee shop visit: a long-time Chicagoan saw me through the window in my Cubs gear (going to the Cubs-Rockies game) and came in to talk with me and cheer the Cubs on. We had a lovely, joyous conversation. What fun!
     I'm going back to that delightful coffee shop shortly.

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