Saturday, January 9, 2016

In Heaven

     I am extraordinarily blessed at this moment to be at retreat at Timber Creek Retreat House in Drexel, Missouri. Practicing yoga, relaxing, meditating, nourishing, communing, enjoying!
     This is our reading from our initial meditation upon arrival on Friday night (author unknown at the moment):
I welcome the new year that lies before me.
I regard each day as a perfect lifetime unto itself and I vow to enjoy it to the fullest.
I easily embrace change, for it is the nature of the Infinite to eclipse Itself as and through my existence.
I stand on the boundary of the life I have known and boldly step into the newness of my becoming.
I take deliberate action in the direction of my dream, knowing Spirit meets me right where I am, revealing more of my innate wisdom and power and propelling me forward in my unfolding.
With expectancy and delight, I advance toward the vision of my perfect life fulfilled, opening to myriad opportunities to experience vibrant health, deep love, unlimited wealth, and creative self-expression.
I release my word to the Law of Love, knowing as I speak it, it is already manifest.
My life begins anew this day. And so it is.
     Knowing for you all the blessings of Life in 2016!

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