Monday, November 23, 2015

It Matters, It Doesn't Matter

     I am writing this to record a point of grace in my own spiritual journey, it feels a bit jumbled, but please bear with me.
     I am studying the Ultimate Freedom teachings of Robert Scheinfeld (author: Busting Loose from the Money Game), have just passed through a 2nd in-depth study of Emotional Currency (EC, Kate Levinson), and I am enjoying Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. My stress and uptightness relative to money has been greatly reduced as a result of the self-exploration induced by EC. And yesterday, in both Scheinfeld's and Gilbert's work, I hit on "it matters, it doesn't matter."
     Both Scheinfeld and Gilbert are about being who we truly are, creative spiritual beings, and letting the results go. As in, it matters what we do, doing it because it is our nature to create, to fully express who we are, but what doesn't matter is the outcome, people's reactions, etc. We live our wholeness, and that takes care of the rest. This is Ultimate Freedom, per Scheinfeld, and I think Gilbert would agree.
     Scheinfeld talks about the need to Experience this, that simply being told about it doesn't work. And as I read and listened to his work yesterday, I realized I have experienced it, and I get it. Here's my Experience...
     I am a yoga teacher, and at one of the places I teach, I am paid based on the number of students attending. I went through a (money-stress related) period in which I prayed, forced, demanded, and pouted to the Universe to deliver me more students so that I'd make more money. This offered very random results, and my mood went up with more students and down with fewer.
     Then, one day a couple months ago, probably as a result of my EC work, I awakened to the fact that the number of students... "It doesn't matter!" What does matter is to enjoy teaching yoga as only I can (which I had been doing anyway), and let the results (i.e., number of students) go. A huge weight lifted. Being the spiritual learner I am, I am letting this wisdom spill over into other areas of my life, and it truly does feel like Ultimate Freedom. It truly is a spiritual practice to be present, flow with life, and let the results simply be. And, oh my, it surely does feel great!
     Thanks for listening!
     Learning and growing,

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  1. Hi, I've watched several Robert Scheinfeld's videos and according his teaching (please correct me if I am mistaken), all healing methods are not "Real" healing...(he placed them on Layers 1-3 in his Ultimate Freedom). I am a healer :-) and just wonder if after his teaching I will need to change my business to something else :-). If everything I do (akashic records readings and energetic blockages clearing) is only illusion...I simply don't know how to connect his trachings with all these healing modalities...