Wednesday, February 25, 2015


"When feeling urgent, you must slow down." Mark Nepo

     I love this very succinct way of stating a practice I remind myself of frequently. I know from my life experience that if I am pushing, or forcing, or rushing, some part of me is out of balance, and if I continue on that path, the results are generally not satisfying, and I get worn out from unnecessary expenditure of energy.
    Some examples... if I'm in hurry to get somewhere driving, I hit every light red, get frustrated, and may not be paying attention to what I'm doing. If I tell myself I am NOT in a hurry and calm down, I arrive at my destination in fine time and fine emotional shape.
    I also tend to be a person who feels, in the moment, that things aren't happening fast enough in my life. That would be impatience. But in hindsight, everything always works out perfectly. Slow down, Leta.
    Folks tell me sometimes that yoga is too slow for them. My response is, "If yoga is too slow for you, you need to slow down." See Nepo quote above.
    Faith is an integral part of the slowing down process. There's something to slow down and ponder!
            Relaxed and peaceful,

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