Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Have a FIRST today

    I am currently working with a group of awesome women, and one of the assignments I have given them is to experience some sort of "first" in their lives. It doesn't need to be anything earth-shattering, like walking on the moon (but it could be!). It may be something as simple as smiling at someone you don't know. A "first" involves paying attention, because we probably experience more of them than we realize.
    One example is that a few weeks ago I had an airbnb guest (www.airbnb.com--I am a host) who is an artist, and he did a pencil and watercolor portrait of me while we chatted in the evening. Having a portrait done was definitely a delightful first for me.
    Regarding a "first," I offer this suggestion of encouragement from author Jane Beach:
Make a list of all the times you've broken through fear to do something new. Then ask the questions:
--What is Spirit calling me to do now?
--Am I willing to listen to the voice of my inner wisdom?
--Am I willing to take the next step? 
Have fun with your FIRST today!

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