Sunday, May 19, 2013

Boredom or Dynamic Peace?

I had a wonderful week-long visit with my two sons in Fort Collins, Colorado. Then I came home, back to my "regular" life, which I truly love. Whether it's my "work" life, or being a domestic goddess, I am generally quite happy.
Alas, I'm bored. Same old, same old. Little seems to be changing, and results in some instances continue to disappoint me.
But wait. My wise practitioner refers to this state as "dynamic peace." Life is flowing smoothly and nothing is happening to disturb my inner peace. That feels way better than "I'm bored."
I also have a sense that things are developing, and I'm simply in the waiting or incubation stage, and I'll admit, waiting is not my strong suit.
We shall see what develops, and in the meantime, be at peace.
All is well.

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