Friday, July 13, 2012

Sometimes It Pays to Whine

A couple weeks ago I was whining to some friends that my laser printer had died. I did not realize how dependent I am on a printer until this much-beloved super-deal screeched to a halt. Long story short--my friends had a nearly new laser printer packed up in storage that they didn't need, they gladly passed it on to me, and I'm up and running again. I am super-grateful.
Actually, my point isn't about whining.  My point is that the Universe is always seeking ways to help us.  If I hadn't expressed my need to my friends (ASKED!), this heckuva deal would have never made its way to me.
It's not only OK, it's essential that we ask for help.  We are creatures of free will, first and foremost.  If we ask for help, we get it. If we don't ask for help, oftentimes we struggle. Asking for help inspires all sorts of magnificent synchronicity. It makes life easy, as opposed to the 2-year-old mentality, "I do it myself!" With an infinite source of support at our beck and call, why do things the hard way?
Happily printing away,

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