Friday, April 13, 2012

You are a Genius!

Yes, you! You are a genius! "Genius" means that we are expressing our uniqueness--talents, quirks, ways of being that distinguish us from everyone else.  Wouldn't the world be dreadful if we all were the same in every way?!?!  Maybe you can't do math like Einstein--I surely can't! But I'm a loving and enthusiastic Practitioner and Yoga Instructor, and doing those things to the best of my ability is one way I show my genius. 
From Wayne Dyer's book, The Power of Intention:
"…use your genius to engage in pursuits that please and attract you. Expand your reality to the point where you pursue what you love doing and excel at it."
"Genius can show up in as many ways as there are human beings."
Genius is not compatible with judgment, measurement or comparison.  I invite you to ponder your own sense of the genius that you are.
With love,

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