Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Persistence and Patience

If one hangs out in time and space long enough, they'll inevitably learn it's through the twin gateways of persistence and patience that masters become masters, of all things.  Mike Dooley, Notes from the Universe

Persistence and patience—two things that require practice.  Speaking of practice, truly I believe that is the story of life here on earth.  Practice, practice, practice.  As babes, we practice walking until we “get it.” We practice reading and writing until we “get it.” Relationships are a life-long practice.  I could go on and on.   

One practice I especially love is yoga.  Not only is it good for me physically, but it also helps me tremendously with the aforementioned persistence and patience.  Persistent dedication to yoga has enabled me to develop great love for and patience with my body, and these spread into every area of my life.  The breathing practice that is an essential element of yoga gives me a vibrantly healthy, well-oxygenated body.  The balance practice in yoga brings balance into all aspects of living.  Yoga is definitely a path to mastery—why not give it a try?
Practicing joy,

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