Monday, April 25, 2011

Which party?

I purchased an artsy little poster on a recent visit to Omaha.  It says: "You choose which party you shall attend!"  This powerful quote and associated artwork is by Mary Anne Radmacher.
So, which party are you attending here on earth?  The one with the fun, uplifting, adventuresome people who are always ready to do, be and have something new? -or- The doom-and-gloom party with the folks who discuss the problems of the world and their lives ad nauseum, and who see nothing good to celebrate?
Edwene Gaines, fabulous spiritual teacher, says, "Earth is the party planet, didn't you know?"  We did not come here to suffer! We are here to glorify life with ever-expanding joy. 
Maybe it's time for a change of party?  Worth considering...

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