Friday, December 18, 2015


     Listening is a very valuable skill, one that I believe we can always develop more strongly. I know I can always use improvement in that skill. I can get lost in emotions, or figuring out a response, or simply thinking about my to-do list, and then I'm saying, "Could you please repeat that?"
     This shows up as today's topic, as I had the experience yesterday where I was not listened to, and that's quite frustrating. Our garage door opener failed, with my car inside, of course. And I couldn't get the door up manually due to the nature of the failure. We have an odd opener set-up due to the architecture of our house, and it has baffled repairmen in the past, to the point of them damaging the actual garage door in failed efforts to fix things. So when I called the repair company yesterday, I explained the unusual set-up and past history of repair difficulties, and asked that an experienced technician be sent out. So a youngster shows up who immediately says, "I've never seen anything like this." Someone wasn't listening to me!
     It will all work out eventually, and I take away the gentle reminder that listening is quite important, and a very valuable way to have successful interactions with other humans.
     Paying attention,

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